Disneyland Paris

What an amazing trip to Disneyland Paris. I brought my 6 year old daughter and my 2 year old son and both found the experience unforgettable. To make it that little bit more special, the parks were celebrating its 30th anniversary since opening and as a result we were treated to limited edition 30th anniversary decor, merchandise, snacks and shows. And I say park(s) because there are now two now that the Walt Disney Studios Park has opened. The new park appeals to all ages with Toy Story rides and a playground for the under 8’s and Marvel themed coaster rides for the older thrill seekers.

I planned a 5 day trip with a 3 day park ticket, day 1 and day 5 being our arrival and departure days and Day 2, 3 and 4 being full on all-day park days. We rose from our beds at roughly 8am and tucked ourselves into bed at around 11am after treating ourselves to Disney’s unmissable and spectacular firework show.

The fireworks begin at 9pm, however people start reserving spots as early as 7pm and by 8:30pm it’s already a packed crowd in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle.

The castle is beautiful, make sure you take the time to look up as you’ll see detail unique to Disneyland Paris, such as golden snails climbing up the castle walls. Many simply use the castle as a corridor to reach Fantasyland, however, if you take the stairs down to the basement you’ll find a roaring dragon guarding the castle (if you have a buggy or wheelchair you can still access it by walking through the castle and taking a slope down on your left through a dark cave)

Fantasyland is a great place to spend most of your time, especially if you are visiting with children under 7. Our favourite ride in this area is Peter Pan and due to the park restricting ticket sales for COVID safety the queues really were not too bad. The longest being 45 minutes which was Peter Pan and the shortest 5 minutes which was Pirates of the Caribbean.

If you are worried about height restriction, with a 2-year-old we were still able to go on almost everything.

So what were our favourite attractions?

My 5 year old girl: Spiderman (Disney Studios)

My 2 year old boy: The Disney Junior Dream Factory

Their father: Pirates of the Caribbean

Me: Buzz Lightyear Laserblast

Queues to meet characters can take a long time because they take 10 minute breaks during your time in queue. I recommend you book a meet and greet character dining at Plaza Gardens where you and your family will be able to meet and take pictures with at least 5 Disney characters who will come to you at your table while you enjoy a buffet of french food.

Make sure you stay for the illuminations to feel the full force of all the magic at Disneyland Paris in all its glory. If it doesn’t move you emotionally, it will have you swaying to the music physically.

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